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Hailing from the creative fertility that is Chicago, Brian Imig is a singular sort of figure.
Truly a guy who lives in his own world, and it's mostly made of music.
A multi instrumentalist, song writer and 
recording artist. A Turn of the Century refugee from the implications and promise of the late 20th Century.

  The vital ingredient - inspiration - is central to Imig's own creations and his view on all music: 
"If the music comes from a place of wonder and uncontrollable joy over the notes you just played - that joy goes into the music and comes through. It is contagious and inspires the listener. Inspiration is a dangerous commodity to those who seek to control. The ultimate act of revolution and defiance is to find and spread joy and inspiration. There are many roles music plays and "reasons" people make music. 
I have no reasons other than music."

In the past 10 years Brian has been silencing and erupting crowds at festivals, both solo and with the band RituAlchemy.

  Name Dropping:
Brian was honored to co-write and record a piece with Jade Warrior offshoot band Dogstar Poets, on their album "Off Planet". A few years later, contributions were sent across the ocean, and a few notes landed on the Jade Warrior album "Now".

He has also successfully pestered and played with various members of the A.A.C.M. over the years,
such as Hamid Drake, Harrison Bankhead, Douglas Ewart and Mwata Bowden.
Brian is humbled to have opened for such diverse masters as
Ralph Towner and also Daevid Allen.