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These are my digital albums
"Sonic Sorcery" is available on CD

2008  "Fantasylvania"    by Brian Imig & friends     album page/links & info  

2011  "Sonic Sorcery"    by Brian Imig & friends    album page/links & info    

2013  "Forest Music"    by Brian Imig    album page/links & info

2014   "RituAlchemy - MOON MUSIC & SUN SONGS" 
  by Brian/Chante/Daon    album page/links & info

2016   "Dreams Made Real"    by Brian Imig    album page/links & info

2016    "Rain Plays"    by Brian Imig & David Duhig 
with Douglas Ewart, Rebecca Pavlatos, Mwata Bowden    album page/links & info

2017    "In One Dream & Out The Other"    by Brian Imig
with Laura Zasada, Pee Wee Prell      album page /links & info

2017   "Seasons Between Seasons"    by Brian Imig 
album page/links & info
2018    "EXOTICOSMOSIS"    by Brian Imig
album page/links & info

2019    "Event Horizon"    by Brian Imig
album page/links & info